There are good news about windows is that there are an incredible number of styles, options and prices to consider. The bad news? With all those possibilities, you may feel like you're adrift on an ocean of options. Take heart, fellow shopper: Here's what you need to know to navigate the world of windows.

Energy efficiency capitalizing on keen public awareness, most manufactures have amped up the energy efficiency component of their marketing games, and consumers are benefitting. Features such as argon-filled glazing and low-E coatings have become available for qualified window products has made upgrading windows one of the most popular of all home improvement projects.

Vinyl windows are a poor thermal conductor, meaning it's a good insulator. It's  tough and strong - stout enough that the sash is hollow, creating air-filled chambers with excellent insulating capabilities. One objection to vinyl is its appearance - fusion-welded seams are not attractive, and the material is decidedly synthetic. Colors extend throughout the vinyl, which helps camouflage scratches and nicks, but color choices for off-the-shelf vinyl windows typically are limited to white and tan. A simple palette of gray, green, red and a few other colors may be available through special order.

5 Things you need to know about window replacement

Window functionality and styles

Energy Efficiency Glass Panes (more panes better thermal rating)

Local building codes (tempered glass)

Aluminum Cladding

Interior Trim windows


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