Add value and style to your home with new aluminum or vinyl siding installed by Gamez Construction, your trusted contractor for house siding installation. Not only does fresh home siding increase your home’s curb appeal, but it also adds value to your property overall. If, you decide to sell you house in the future, new siding can go a long way in impressing prospective home buyers.

Our custom siding installation company does more than simply install new products. We also repair and replace vinyl siding that has been damaged by weather and unexpected accidents. As experienced general contractors, we are proud to bring 11 years of experience to each project on which we work. Ask about the benefits of aluminum and vinyl home siding installation, and we’ll provide a professional answer.


Signs you need a Siding Replacement

It can be easy to neglect home siding repair until you notice significant damage or decay on your home. Most problems caused by inefficient home siding are avoidable with regular or preemptive siding repair. Before the problem goes too far, our team recommends you look carefully for any signs that indicate the need for home siding repair, including:

  • Cracks or Dents

  • Ineffective Waterproofing

  • Loose Siding

  • Warped Boards or Sheets

  • Storm Damage

  • Paint That Faded Too Quickly

  • Vandalism to the Property

  • Mildew from Improper Drainage

  • Increased Energy Bills

  • Insect Damage

If you suspect your home needs siding repair but are not sure where to begin, ask for a free, personalized estimate from our team. We understand that choosing new home features can be intimidating; however, with a custom estimate, our home siding installation team can help resolve your indecision.

The Benefits of Home Siding Installation

Each day a homeowner leaves decayed siding to rot on their home is another chance for weather conditions to cause serious damage. Secure the best protection for your home with the help of our home siding installation team. As time passes, it’s normal to notice gradual deterioration in your home siding. After our professionals assess your siding, we may recommend a complete home siding replacement service. New home siding installation comes with all of the following advantages:

  • Makes Your Home More Weather-Resistant
  • Adds to the Value of Your Property
  • Accentuates Your Home’s Features
  • Banishes Moisture and Mold
  • Lowers Your Chances of Termite Damage
  • Decreases Your Heating and Cooling Bill
  • Complements Your Design Style
  • Lowers Chances of Fire Damage


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